Soldiers during World War I carried pocket watches to keep track of time. The tediousness involved in its handling led to creation of high functionality bracelets which can be called predecessors of modern-day wrist-watches, as we see now. This blog is devoted to paying respects to the evolution of the ultimate status symbols and personality markers which Longines, as a brand, has captured perfectly.

With its impeccable style and great features, the Swiss watch manufacturer has created perfect specimens of haute horlogerie, raising the bar for others in the competition. Longines watch collections have a history of superior functionality and it would not be wrong to say that this inherent feature has been the cornerstone of the brand’s dominance.

Over the years, it adopted latest designs and techniques in watch-making but never did it lose its original objective from sight, that of producing elegance time-pieces with a durable make. From sports to vintage, the watches are one to win hearts. That is precisely why some of the most famous celebrities have donned Longines, becoming its ambassadors over time.

They say, living by a legacy while being up-to-date is a challenge not many can stand. And, in this journey, these celebs have handpicked their Longines to make it possible. These renowned personalities live by the brand’s name, compliment elegance in the true sense. We have compiled a list of top three celebs who have embraced this brand.

Simon Baker:

The Australian born actor who stole many hearts with his performance in films like LA Confidential and the hugely acclaimed television series The Mentalist is a Longines Ambassador. As a personal style, Simon baker associates with the Longines Master collection and carries it with elegance. With an option to choose from the many models, they are designed with self-winding movement and intriguing features. The collection brings together timeless tradition and exceptional quality for people who appreciate elegance interspersed in class.

Aron Kwok Fu Shing:

An outstanding dancer, singer and actor Aron Kwok has won many accolades and admiration of fans across the globe. Being termed as the Michael Jackson of Hongkong, he went on to win popular awards with his extra ordinary performances. He loves luxury objects and this reflects with the Longines Saint-Imier collection that he adorns.  Saint-Imier being the place of birth of this famous watch maker company, the association with this collection represents its heritage.

Eddie Peng:

Eddie is a multi-talented actor and has earned the reputation of the new age action hero. His performances and years of perseverance have won him many prestigious awards, such as the Hong Kong Film Awards and Taipei Golden Horse Awards. Eddie adores the Conquest Classic collection, a timeless collection for sports, by Longines. The collection is a classic amalgamation of the brand’s values -performance and tradition.  Keeping up with the technology advancement they come with well fitted self-winding calibers that offer contemporary yet a classic appeal.

A good watch reflects your personality as it transcends to become a part of your everyday essential. You start associating with what you wear and people start identifying it as your style statement. And what better way to choose it as a gift for your loved one. A Longines watch will always remain a timeless gift piece, so go ahead and buy it before time runs out. 

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