Many people dreamt of visiting Canada. They work hard day and night to earn money to get a visa. But we all are aware that getting a Canadian visa is not that much easy. As a matter of fact, we have to follow immigration rules set the Canadian authorities. Though we consider these rules as barriers in the fulfillment of our dream to visit Canada but in actual they are for our safety. This article is all about the Canada Eta Application introduction and information.

What Is An Eta Application?

As we have stated earlier that every government makes rules regarding the immigration policy. These rules are made for the safety and security of the country and the immigrants as well. As a matter of fact, many people want to visit Canada for study, business, and traveling, etc. And this is only possible when you have the authority to enter the land of Canada.
To make the screening of immigrants, smooth Canadian Government has started the Eta system. Eta stands for electronic travel authorization. It is a form of visa that makes the entrance of holder on the land of Canada smooth. If a person has Eta, then he does not need a visa to enter the Canada if he is traveling by air. And to get the Eta, you need to fill the Canada Eta Application.

The Important Points Of Eta Canada:

Following are some of the important points of Eta Canada:

• The Eta remains valid till five years.
• It is an entry requirement for those people who come from the countries which have a visa exemption.
• It may also expire when your passport expires (on which you have applied for an Eta).
• If you have an Eta, you can travel to Canada many times.
• The person who has the Eta can stay in Canada for six months.

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When Can You not Apply For Eta?

The Eta is a document that is issued to the people who are eligible to enter Canada. In fact, it is for those people who have the legal terms documents. So you cannot get the Eta if:
• You are a citizen of Canada
• Or have the dual Canadian nationality
• You are a citizen of the United States

Note: one thing is important to mention here that if you are a permanent citizen of the United States and traveling to Canada by air, then you need an Eta to enter the country.
Thus to travel to Canada safely and to avoid any trouble during your stay get an Eta. The process of applying for electronic travel authorization is simple and easy. You can fill the application form within few minutes. Moreover, you must keep in mind that you can apply for an Eta only for one person at a time. You have to apply for each member of the family after one and other. When you are going to apply make sure that you have all the needed documents with you.

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