A lucky few are happy with their lot. They enjoy their careers and spring out of bed each morning with a song in their heart and a smile on their face. But, for most of us work is a means to an end. A way to pay for the finer things in life. So, we put up with the annoying boss and make do with the dreary office, we bemoan the lack of a pay rise and just about tolerate Ken from accounts and his habit of leaving his forgotten sandwiches festering in the fridge. We do this because we can put our hard-earned cash toward a break from the norm, a wonderful holiday. For a couple of weeks, we can get away from it all, relax and have as much fun as we can manage.

A good time is the very least we should expect, so when something goes wrong on our long-awaited break it’s a bitter blow. If you happen to fall ill, your fun in the sun can come to an abrupt end. But, you can do something about it. Holiday sickness claims offer a way to recoup some of the cash you had to pay out in order to go on your dream trip.

If you believe your tour operator is at fault, can prove you were ill on holiday (there are some unscrupulous chancers out making false holiday sickness claims and trying to make a quick buck) and the holiday was in the last three years, then you are eligible to pursue a claim. There are no hard and fast rules about the type of illness you can claim for – but stating you caught a cold from your holiday hotel will be tricky to prove, whereas a nasty bout of food poisoning can be traced to the source.

Holiday sickness claims vary depending on the duration of your illness, the cost of any medical treatment and whether you had to lose any time from work on returning home. They also take into account other expenses that you may have incurred. So, if you were poorly on holiday and your dream holiday turned into a nightmare and rather than feeling calm and rested you came home feeling upset and disappointed, then you can contact a legal specialist and make a claim.

If you do fall ill while on holiday there are certain steps that you can take to help you progress a claim when the time comes. Ideally you should tell your holiday representative or tour operator about your illness and keep a note of any treatment you have.

Also, you should record any communication you have about the matter, details can become confused and as time moves on and you might not recall what a certain person said at a certain time. It’s also helpful to take photographs of any areas that have caused you concern, such as a dirty pool water, food left out for long periods and an unclean restaurant.

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