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Popular Science is currently being offered to the public for free. This month, they have written an article about skin tone and how you can make yourself look healthier through it. Anyone who wears makeup knows that you can fake healthy looking skin. You don’t have to be healthier to seem attractive to people; just have to appear healthier. According to research, warm skin tones are how you can achieve that.

Eating a lot of blueberries may not turn your skin a shade of blue but if you do eat a lot of carrots, due to the beta-carotene they contain, your skin may turn a little orange-y. But that is if you consume a lot of this vitamin, which is also found in pumpkin, sweet potato and believe it or not, spinach. Beta-carotene is also use as a pigment in food coloring agent. If you really want your skin to appear a little more orange-ish, you can find the most amount of beta-carotene in carrot juice since it is the most concentrated.

But what is the right amount to consume to give your skin tone the right glow you want? If you think about it, carrot colored skin does not sound very appealing but according to research, people with a yellow-red hue to their skin look more healthy and are considered as being more attractive. The idea behind this is that the healthier someone looks, the more attractive or sexually appealing they are.

Now the million-dollar question is if we are attracted to health or just signs of what could be of health. To answer this question, we have to go back to looking into beta-carotene because it changes the appearance of the skin tone and makes it look as though it is healthier without actually improving health. There are theories that it helps with strengthening the immune system but there has not been any concrete evidence yet. To prove the theory that the pigment of your skin can make people look healthier thus more attractive, psychologists at the University of Western Australia gave a group of men enough beta-carotene to shift their skin tone. Women actually found them more attractive after the supplements than before.

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