The wedding ring maker stands for quality, selection, competence and low prices. Properties that is not easy to unite in many industries today. The concept of our business model was revolutionary for the jewelry industry in 2003 and has remained so to this day. To offer top wedding rings at low prices, that was our goal.

The idea behind it was basically quite simple: creating better conditions (for the customers and the product) through specialization. Even the name Wedding ring forging should give expression to this idea and allow only the focus on the same product. And that is still the case today. All of our wedding ring factories in Germany are specialized in the topic of inexpensive and extraordinary cushion cut diamonds wedding rings and engagement rings and there is also a huge selection of thousands of cheap wedding rings.

But why are our wedding rings so cheap?

Mass = Cheap

One of the first reasons for specialization is mass. By focusing on one product and thus making many thousands of wedding rings each year, we can offer them cheaply, making them cheaper than the competition. This proves not least our large and inexpensive wedding band offer.

Cheap wedding rings – but no stock

“Just in time” is the keyword here. Due to our focus on the subject of cheap and especially wedding rings, we are not a normal jeweler who leads or has to lead a full range of products (watches, jewelry, etc.). This means we do not have any sales risk, which we would have to price in the cost of our wedding Engagement Ring Settings, so you can buy your wedding rings cheap. In addition, we have no storage costs, because we make our cheap wedding rings only on order, individually and specified by the customer. In addition, you can buy our rings cheap with our price pair.

Digitally depict processes = work at low cost

From the beginning, unlike traditional jewelers, we have relied on Internet-based process maps and have worked closely with manufacturing and suppliers through this system. Unnecessary storage of, for example, diamonds and alloys on site are thus avoided. In order to ensure a smooth process, we therefore offer you to buy our rings online. Each wedding ring, which is configured in our stores, receives a unique item number. From this number not only dimensions and form and material can be read out, but also all processes and processes required during production. The production of each individual training can thus be optimally incorporated into the ongoing process of all rings and logical routines prevent unnecessary positioning times or idle times at machines and workstations.

Thus, making wedding ring sets inexpensive means adhering to the highest quality and manufacturing standards. Only then is it possible to individually design and produce thousands of custom-made and inexpensive wedding rings throughout Germany.


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Kenneth Hart