People do a lot of research before buying a car. The main question that comes to mind is whether to go for a used car or a brand new one.People in India are crazy about cars and the second hand cars are the first preference as the prices are nominal. Recently, the Indian market has come up with lot of options, variety and range. Buying a new car will be a burden for you, if budget is limited. The certified used swift dzire cars for sale sold by dealers are given a complete physical andmechanical inspection.


Here are some facts about new car versus used car.

  • The money spent on buying a new car can get you a higher model used car from the market. For example, if you are spending up to 4 lakhs, you can get a small hatchback new car, but if you are going for a used car then you can end up buying an executive sedan. For the same amount, you can get more features, style, power and space.
  • When we talk about maintenance, new cars are the best option. After running for thousands of kilometers, new cars will run smoothly without giving any trouble to the owners.Thus, there is no doubt that new cars will not cause any damage to the owner’s pocket. But same cannot be expected in case of old cars.
  • All cars depreciate, but the depreciation rate is much more during the first 3 years, which means new cars will depreciate more when compared to old ones.
  • Insurance, road taxes and registration fee is higher for new cars, but less for used car. You have to pay higher rate of interest for used car and if the car is above seven years it might not qualify for financing.
  • New cars always carry warranty, which may cover up to 3 to 4 years. Old cars may not carry warranty if purchased from private seller.
  • New cars never suffer from any kind of wear and tear or any kind of physical damages, but used cars need lot of maintenance cost. Before going for an old car,test drive it.Also, get a mechanic to inspect before paying.

Some of the new model cars have waiting periods, which extend up to 3 – 4 months, which means buyers have to be in the waiting list but buying a used car will never put you in queue.

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