One thing to remember when you are on a mission to get yourself a wardrobe that is stylish is that classic style is enduring and timeless. Items that are stylish might be a bit influenced by a variety of trends (such as wide lapels vs. skinny ties and slim fit vs classic fit trousers). These things endure and will continue to remain appropriate with the passing of time. One example of this is the single breasted, two button suit in black or navy blue. Regardless of how the trousers fit, or how wide the lapel is, you can get by with wearing a suit like this no matter the decade and you will still have a look that is put together well with minor alterations.

Alternatively, there are other items that are simply ‘trendy’. These items could be described as more ‘fashionable’ pieces. A good example of this is the current ‘jogger’ style trousers that have the cuffs of bunched elastic. Yes, you can go into nearly any men’s clothing stores right now and purchase a pair, but clearly, they are just a fad and they will be quite out of place soon.

Let’s take a quick look at some pieces that every man’s wardrobe needs if he wants to look well put together.


When it comes to shoes, one of the most intelligent investments a man can make regarding his wardrobe is dress shoes. If you look for the right pair, you might not need a new pair for years or ever again with the right care. One of the types of footwear that every man must have is a great dress shoe. Some men try to get away with loafers for this, but this is one item that is worth spending a lot of money on. Take Allen Edmonds shoes, for example. This is a company in America that specializes in footwear that is high quality. Their shoes mold themselves to your feet while you wear them and will garner compliments for years. Also, keep in mind that you will need a few maintenance and cleaning items if you want to keep them looking great for as long as possible.

Dress Shirts

When you are looking for dress shirts, don’t settle for your run-of-the-mill cotton button down. Look for men’s performance clothing instead. You need to have dress shirts that are comfortable and able to keep moisture away from your body. They should be easy to care for – machine washable and resistant to wrinkles – and look great with anything from jeans to a suit. The right dress shirts are worth the investment as they are something you’ll be putting through the ringer for years to come. Buying cheap dress shirts may be great on the wallet in the short term, but you’ll be replacing them more frequently and they won’t look and feel as nice shortly after you get them.


If you are looking for a pair of pants that are good for the office, this is something that you really don’t need to overthink. No one is going to be completely blown away by your pants. No, when it comes to pants for the office, you would be better off if you just stock up on a couple of pairs of comfortable chinos, or slacks depending on wardrobe policy, and wear them in rotation. You can get a good pair of chinos with a slim fit from places like the Banana Republic for a shade under $70 and these will be ideal for getting you through the work week without putting too much of a strain on your wardrobe budget.


A watch is one of those accessories that is important. Aside from actually being useful, they are also an item that can truly bring a look together. It isn’t difficult to learn how to choose watches for men either. If you are one of those types of guys who enjoys wearing clothes that have been stylish in that timeless way, your watch needs to be the same. You might want to pick up a vintage watch. These also look great and can often be less expensive than a brand-new watch. If you don’t have the Rolex budget, you can get a fabulous modern inspired, mid-century watch made by Shinola and Filson that are much more affordable.

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