If you and your co-workers often spend time together in a bar for all this time, you could put a spin to the regular get-together for the next time. Spending to many times at a bar is not healthy, both physically and financially speaking. You could do something better than that instead to bond with your fellow co-workers. And what would that be, you ask eagerly? Well, take Fantasy Football, for example. Surely, love and passion for the sports is one of the things that tie you up together. Playing Fantasy Football could be a great way to improve your personal skill and enjoy time together with your buddies. Of course, you can use this as a mere variation—if you all are that unwilling to let go of your bar-hopping routine completely. What if you make this, say, a weekly event among fellow football lovers? Better yet, make it a tournament, a friendly little competition to strengthen the bond within the group. It is possible that after you enjoy the game, everyone becomes more than just drinking buddies, a goal which you should definitely aim for. But what is a competition without an apparent prize to target at, right? Sure, you can all chip in for a prize. What about throwing in a fantasy football trophy in the mix?

A fantasy football trophy would most definitely up the ante. As a fan of both the game and the sports, anyone would be proud to see a fantasy football plaque hanged in their bedroom walls at home. It is a testament to the winner’s skill and one that they can boast proudly among you. When in the end you must go separate ways (maybe because everyone has got a new job at different place), the trophy could be something to remember the old days by. And who knows, that might trigger you to take the phone, call your friends, and hang out together like you used to. At the very least, the trophy would make a great conversation starter when someone drops by your home and you need something to brag about. Hey, anything is allowed, you know.

The price of a fantasy football award should not be so high it burns through your bank account. Well, it all depends on the quality and the materials used in making the trophy itself any way. But if you feel that buying multiple fantasy football trophies intended for successive winner is something that is kind of a waste, you could all chip in to buy one trophy and use it as a rotational prize. What is even more interesting about this method is that you can keep in touch with one another regardless of where you all work at any given time because the trophy needs to go to someone else for each successive tournament. And to do that, all of you need to keep up with the weekly event. It is such a nice idea, isn’t it? Who knew something as simple as a trophy would deliver impacts bigger than what could be anticipated?

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