You get complete freedom to drive on the open road and highways only after obtaining your valid driving license. Before you sit behind the wheel, it is essential that you know all the road rules and are able to drive the car in a safe manner. In order to obtain your driving license, it is essential that you clear the theory test as well as practical driving test.

What is theory test

In the theory test there are two different tests that you have to appear for online. The first part will consist of 50 questions with multiple choices for answers. The second part of the theory test is about hazard perception test. You need to clear both the sections in order to be eligible for driving test.

In the first part of the theory test, you have to answer 50 questions and each one of them has multiple answers. You have to choose the correct answers from them. Some of the questions may also have more than one correct answer too. You will be provided 57 minutes to complete the test and secure minimum 43 out of 50 in order to clear the test.

In the second part, which is a hazard perception test where you will be given 15 video clips which you will see on the computer terminal. In the clip the road scenes that you see every day will be shown where there will be one or more developing hazard. You have to immediately identify them and the faster you identify, you will score more. If you respond late then you will lose few marks. In case of wrong identification of hazard, you will not get any marks.

Preparation for the test

There is a website about the theory test in order to prepare for the theory test, click here for more information. In addition to that you can also read following reading materials to know more about driving.

  • The highway Code
  • Various traffic signs
  • Read few books available in the market about “essential driving skills”

It is very important to know and understand highway Code and also various traffic signs in order to clear the theory test. There are series of rules associated with the highway codes and all road users who drive on highway must know them. It is a legal requirement for every driver to understand and be aware of them. If you do not follow these rules then it may be treated as breaching of law for which you may either be fined, receive warning or you may be disqualified for driving. Road casualties on the highway can significantly reduce if everyone follows the traffic rules diligently.

Similarly knowing about traffic sign is also equally important if you want to clear the theory test. This will help in regulating the traffic on the road. These traffic signs are in different shapes and colours.

You must visit few websites, where sample test papers are available and before appearing for the theory test you must do enough practice. This will not only increase your confidence but will also improve your awareness about driving.

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