Alicante is a Spanish provincial town annually attracting tourists from all over the world. In order to stay in Alicante for a long time, you need to sate the holiday period with various activities and bright excursions to the sights of the city. For this purpose, you need to apply to a car rental service at Alicante airport.

The most popular places and points of tourists’ attraction are:

The Esplanade Boulevard is one of the symbols of the city. Here, you can taste many varieties of locally produced ice cream and catch the delicate scent of date palms. A cool sea breeze will refresh your soul and body. Esplanade stretched for five hundred meters. On the one side of it, there is the port of Alicante and the beach, on the other side the city itself. On the boulevard, there are a lot of bank offices, bars and restaurants and a market where you can buy products from local artisans. In the evenings, tourists can watch various shows, concerts and entertainment programs, which take place in a pavilion in the shape of a shell.

The medieval Santa Barbara Castle is the main historical landmark of Alicante and its business card. It is located on Mount Benacantil and is visible from virtually anywhere in the city and the whole coast. In summer nights there are festivals and concerts in the castle, while picnics are organized in its turn in winter. The territory on the lower level is equipped with tables and benches. Any exhibition in the castle is worth visiting; they are very informative and interesting. If you find the right exit-loophole from the fortress, you can go down the Great Chinese (Spanish) wall and get into the old surviving quarter Barrio Santa Cruz.

The Palm Forest of Elche (Palmeral of Elche) is the largest grove of Europe, attracting tourists from with its scale and unusualness. This palm wood is included into the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. Many palms are already over 200 years old. More than 11,000 date palms and a lot of different cactuses grow in the green oasis, surrounded somewhere by small ponds. The largest, seven-barrel palm tree at the age of 165, weighing about 10 tons, is the most famous one in palm gardens. It is named “Sisi” in honor of the Empress of Austria Elizabeth. In the heart of the forest, there is a museum.

Algar Waterfalls are on the territory of the city parks on the coast of Costa Blanca. The place is very beautiful, except waterfalls, you can admire the natural caves and grottoes in the rocks. The theme of the park is water, as one of the most important ecological, economic and cultural resources. Visitors of the Algar Park will admire a 1.5-kilometer walk through the territory, numerous waterfalls, lakes with crystal clear waters, where you can swim, and which used to be called “healthy sources”.

Mundo Mar Park in Benidorm is a park of marine animals and exotic birds on the south coast of Costa Blanca. You can make an unforgettable walk in the park, enjoy performances and shows with parrots, sea lions and dolphins, and explore the underwater world in the zone of marine animals. Mundo Mar park offers numerous restaurants, bars, shops and services. Be sure to watch the ballet performance with the participation of dolphins.

There are many interesting places, where you can have fun, relax alone with nature, and get acquainted with architectural monuments in Alicante. Have a nice trip!