If your office feels too artificial, make it look more natural by adding plants to your workspace. It is a proven fact that adding plants to your workspace will increase productivity and focus and at the same time will improve your health too. It will create a healthier atmosphere for you to work in and at the same time will make your feel more relaxed. While choosing the plant for your workplace, you have to keep in mind that they are suitable for the area. You have to determine the sunlight areas and spaces. If you have an office space which is devoid of windows, you would like to have a plant which requires less of sunlight. You can shop and send indoor plants online to your offices where you can get a wide range of options to make your pick from.3

It is believed that plants emit water, so if you want to increase the humidity of the room you can place plants. Research have shown that placing plants in the interior spaces reduces dry skin, sore throat and even cough too.

People always have this wrong notion that indoor spaces are cleaner and less harmful because of paints, clothing and even building materials. Plants can help you in purifying the air by pulling out all the harmful contaminants and absorbing it in the soil which makes the air around you cleaner and fit for breathing. With the help of online portal you can send plants to Bengaluru or any other destination of your choice.

You employees can be more attentive in a room where plants are placed. It is also believed that the creativity of the people also increases by placing plants and flowers inside the room.3

Aloe Vera can be a great pick for your offices, since it not only purifies the air but at the same time can be an excellent first-aid kit for any bruises and burns. They require minimal water and proper sunlight to grow properly. The leaves of these plants are full of aloe gel which can be a great balm for all your minor injuries.

If you are looking for less fussy plants, the potted bamboo palm can inevitably be the best option for you. They require very little care and attention and at the same time can even tolerate lower sun lights. All you need to keep in mind is that the water is draining properly.

For offices that don’t come with a green thumb can go with snake plants. They can be neglected for weeks. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that the plant should come with a well-draining soil because there are chances that they might rot easily. And they don’t require water during winters.

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