When you are learning to play an instrument, you don’t want to spend a fortune. There are thousands of choices, and for someone just starting out, it’s nearly impossible to know where to begin. So what is the  Best beginner electric guitar under 500 out there?

What Does the Best Beginner Electric Guitar Need?

For a beginner, there are a few things that are important:

  • A guitar that stays in tune
  • A guitar that is comfortable
  • A guitar with an attractive body
  • A guitar that is strong and durableImage result for Best Beginner Electric Guitar under $500

Which Guitar is the Best Beginner Electric Guitar?

Although there are a few great picks for beginners, the best beginner electric guitar is probably the Epiphone Les Paul 100.

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is much like the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, only for beginners. It is lighter and slimmer than the standard, making it a much better choice for the inexperienced. Along with the comfortable body, the beauty of this instrument is sure to attract anyone who is looking for the best beginner electric guitar. The mahogany body and maple top creates the perfect, warm, balanced tone that is beginner ear candy.

The rosewood fretboard is set with a low action making it easy for beginners to press down on the frets comfortably.

Epiphone Les Paul 100 Options

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 comes in three delectable colors:

  • Heritage Cherry
  • Sunburst Ebony
  • Vintage Sunburst

This means there is a choice for every taste.

Epiphone often makes the best beginner electric guitar for its signature LockTone tune-o-matic that locks onto the post screws. This will give you a great tone and is much easier to use than your standard tune-o-matic. Plus, since the tailpiece and bridge are locked together, it is easier to change the strings for they don’t fall off when you detach the strings. The bridge height on the Epiphone Les Paul 100, the best beginner electric guitar, is set so you never have to adjust the action (or string height) after setting the strings.

Even though it is a beginner guitar, there are a few choices aside from color to make:

  • The two pickups have individual volume control
  • The two pickups have individual tone control
  • A three-option switch lets you customize pickups or merge them
  • There is a wide range of tones and sounds

Specs and Price

The best beginner electric guitar can be found at nearly any store that sells guitars for a price of about $250.

Here are a few ending spec details:

  • Maple and mahogany body with gloss finish
  • Scale length of 24.75″
  • Radius of fretboard is 12″
  • Twenty-two frets with dot inlays
  • Neck is 650R
  • Fixed Bridge is 700T
  • Stopbar tailpiece
  • Epiphone Tune-o-matic
  • Two volume controls
  • Two tone controls

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is the best beginner electric guitar available for so many reasons. There is no doubt why some of the best guitarists of all time are Les Paul fans! Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin was a Les Paul player as well as Guns and Roses’ own Slash. Who else? Joe Perry from Aerosmith along with Billy Gibbons from ZZTop loved their Les Pauls.

So, as you can see, even the pros love this best beginner electric guitar!


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