Clenbuterol or Clen is identified as a sympathomimetic amine which was initially formulated for treating asthma. This medication is effectual to promote muscle growth and weight loss that makes it a preferred supplement for athletes and bodybuilders all around the world. This medication was initially manufactured for treating various respiratory problems and it acts as a smooth relaxing drug. In the form of a decongestant and bronchodilator, this medication makes breathing easier for patients suffering from breathing problems. This drug is known by various other names, like Ventipulmin, Dilaterol and Spiropent.

Cycling this compound is totally a matter of individual preference. Potential users who wish to include this medication into their bodybuilding or athletic routines habitually take this medication towards the middle or the finishing of a bulking or cutting cycle. This medication is not medically advised in the form of a weight-loss compound, but numerous celebrities, bodybuilders and athletes on a slimming cycle do take this compound largely. As the usage of this medication as a weight loss or athletic performance-enhancing is illegal, so you are not going to get dosage recommendations for these purposes from health care professionals and clinical trials.

Administering this medication

Under a therapeutic setting, the perfect dosage is considered 20mcg daily, but some require 40mcg daily. Again, some need more than this but for a brief period of time. For performance related issues, the dosages begin low and then increase slowly. Numerous men find 40mcg daily to be a perfect dosage. Women feel comfortable with an initial dosage of 20mcg daily. When your body adapts to this compound, you can increase the dosage for maintaining complete fat losing benefits. There are three ways of using this compound in a fat shedding setting and all the three work well. They are namely, Two-week rotation, Continuous use and In-between.

Irrespective of the form of schedule you decide to take, the maximum dosage will generally be 120mcg daily. There are some men who find 140mcg each day to be acceptable but one should never surpass this dosage of. If by chance you cross this mark, then you might face the danger of side effects. Additionally, this compound can’t be taken for more than 16 weeks in a year to ensure your body’s other systems including the cardiovascular system is getting a satisfactory rest from this compound. You can either take this medication alone or you can stack it with other compounds. No matter how you take this medication, but you can’t alter its methods of cycling.

Availability of this compound

This medication is highly available, extremely easy to get and very reasonable. It is also true that aren’t any manufacturer of this compound in the United States so if anyone claims that he is selling the US brand product then he is surely lying. The international brands are easily obtainable as they are high in supply. Almost all anabolic steroid suppliers stock this product so there are slim chances of getting counterfeit products. Additionally, this product is available from numerous suppliers of different medicines. Those who are on a slimming cycle should diet in order to achieve a solid benefit as this product only acts as an extra bonus.