More and more people are switching into a regular intake of juices in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While the process of making the juice itself does not sound very complicated, it can be made into one because of the plethora of juicers available in the market. Your favorite juice may be easy to point out, but there are various ways of making that juice, as pointed out by


Budget for a Juice Extractor

One of the foremost elements that would decide how you want to juice is the type of juicer, which is again decided by the budget. There are some juice extractor options specifically meant for fruits, while some are meant for vegetables. Some of the finest and most expensive product will be able to handle all types. However, these are quite expensive for someone with a budget less than $100. In that case, the centrifugal juicer maybe the option since it is the least expensive.

These are slightly better than the manual juicer of old. Yet, they may provide a great compromise between budget and performance. However, if you have an extraordinary budget just for the juicing machine, the twin gear juicers happen to be a perfect choice. These are the Ferrari’s of the juicer world and can provide the best experience, but they also cost quite a lot – almost 20 times more than the centrifugal juicer.

What Are the Different Types of Juicers?


There are different types of juice machine options in the market. The centrifugal machine is an easy-to-use product which will be capable of providing instant juices at low prices. It is probably the next step compared to the manual juicer.

Alongside the centrifugal juicer, the masticating juicer happens to be the best option for anyone of new to the world of using a juicer. However, they tend to be slightly more expensive than the centrifugal juicer, according to the various juicers reviews.


Centrifugal Juicer – These generally provide an average quality of juice, but a big advantage continues to be its ability to cost substantially less than the competition. This type of juicer is also extremely quick to produce the output, while very less processing of the fruits and vegetables are also required. It, however, struggles with regard to soft fruits or wheat grasses. Also, there are studies which suggest that heat is not good for vitamins and enzymes, and the centrifugal juicer does use a lot of heat in the process.

Masticating Juicer – This type of juicer is extremely quiet to operate and it’s very beneficialfor your health. It can handle every type of food material like wheat grass, leafy greens, and soft fruits. Yet, they come with the problem of being difficult to clean because there are numerous parts involved. Furthermore, they are also slow and much more expensive than the centrifugal juicers.

Are These Juicing Machines Easy to Clean?

Each juicer has an awkward shape and several parts which make cleaning them one of the tedious elements. Yet, not all juicers suffer from this disadvantage. Opting for a centrifugal juicer will help you clean much quicker than others. Even then, basic aspects like washing all the containers, sieves, and gears have to be done. The use of a brush will also help in the cleaning process.

Just like shopping for any other kitchen appliance, knowledge of juices and juicers coupled with the various juicer reviews can help you find the perfect juicer for your requirements. Educate yourself constantly and know that information is power when it comes to anything. Read as many reviews as you can and invest time in doing your research before buying.

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