Your basement is fairly high risk when it comes to the potential to flood.  They are many things which can cause this to happen simply because it is already below ground level.  Heavy rain or localized flooding are common reasons for a basement to flood.  The other main option is when a pipe has burst.  As most pipes go through the basement it is inevitable that the water will find its way back down to the lowest place in your house.   If you live in Toronto you may also find that your basement is at risk during heavy snow; or as the snow melts.


There are several firms in Toronto which can help you if you do experience flooding.  Lemarg Inc is one worth calling; they have an excellent reputation and a fast response time.  It is best to build a relationship with your plumbing firm before you need them; this will help them provide a prompt efficient service.

The following actions will help you to be prepared for basement flooding in Toronto:


The first thing you should note is how often the basement has flooded and how high the water has risen.  You will be aiming to reduce the times this happens and the issues which arise.   Stage one of being prepared for a basement flooding in Toronto is to keep everything on racking which lifts it a t least a foot off the floor.


Once you have arranged as much of your furniture and specifically the sentimental items out of reach of the water you should look into investing in a pump.  There are many on the market but the best one is one which will come on automatically when it detects water being present.  These pumps are common across a variety of applications including marine products.


If flooding is a regular occurrence you may wish to purchase a cold air blower to put in the basement as soon as the water has been removed.  This type of blower has been shown to be more effective at removing moisture from the floors, walls and furnishings than hot air.

Emergency Plumber Number

An emergency plumber may be able to assist with basement flooding in Toronto; even if it is not from a pipe leak.  Most of these firms carry specialist equipment which can quickly and effectively dry any space.  By having the contact number somewhere easy to find you can obtain assistance quickly and remove all the water and damp very quickly; minimizing the damage caused.

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Redirecting the Water

It is also worth considering looking at how the water gets into your basement.  It may be that ground water naturally flows towards a basement window or door.  If this is the case then you should look at keeping sand bags handy or even angling the ground by these areas to ensure the ground water is directed away from your house and basement.  After all, they say prevention is better than cure!  A little preparation can go a long way!

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