Most tourists prefer staying in Manhattan, New York City! Well, there are other places with fascinating hotels too. If you are planning to travel around New York City, you must explore Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has a unique side. It was once had a limited range of hotels. However, things have changed drastically in the past few years. So many hotels chains, hip-hop pubs, and restaurants have opened in Brooklyn.

If you want to schlep along the subway and enjoy local attractions, you must try staying at the Condor hotel in Brooklyn.

Reaching the Hotel

Condor hotel in Brooklyn is a carefully designed destination. It is a boutique hotel located in South Williamsburg. When compared to many other hotels in New York City, the Condor Hotel is both comfortable and affordable.

Arriving at Condor hotel in Brooklyn is simple. The hotel is located 10-minutes away from the G-Train Flushing Avenue. It is only a subway away. As you reach the metro station, youmust walk along March Projects (this is exactly where Jay-Z enjoyed his childhood). Next, you must cross the Nostrand Ave and reach Williamsburg. This is an exclusive community where everyone says a hello and smiles.

The Welcome

Condor hotel in Brooklyn will great you with coffee and cookies. The staff are extremely friendly. The hotel is aptly sized, not too big and not too small. Most travelers consider this as a bonus. The Condor Hotel is strategically located at Franklin Ave. This is a quiet street. If you are looking for a soothing vacation, this is one of the best places to be!

The Amenities

Condor Hotel’s King Size room features a kitchenette. You will never come across a hotel with such features in Manhattan. The King Size room has a mini fridge, kitchen sink, and a microwave. Before you travel around Brooklyn, you must explore Condor Hotel’s garden and living area. Though every room comes with a television, you must try socializing! Experience the hotel’s leather couches and sensational magazines.

Breakfast at the Condor Hotel

Condor hotel in Brooklyn serves delicious continental breakfast. You must try the hotel’s waffle maker. In addition to waffles, you will find muffins, toast, bagels, yogurt, boiled eggs, croissants, cereal and juice for breakfast.

On the whole, Condor hotel in Brooklyn is a pleasant place to stay. You will have “nice” amenities and plenty of space. It is definitely worth the money you spend. Visit for more details about the hotel.


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