Wanna have a great vacation in Indonesia but you do not have any destination other than a crowded Bali? Then, how about come to Bandung? Although it is not as famous as Bali, but Bandung ensures you to have an extraordinary vacation there since it has so many famous spots that you cannot ignore when coming to Indonesia. Bandung does not only provide great places for shopping, but it also provides stylish and unique accommodation for you to stay. There, you can easily find Bandung accommodation that meets your desire. Each of the accommodation offers great atmosphere and decoration that makes you sure to have a relaxation feeling when you come there whether with your family or your relatives.

If you want to bring your trip days with such a natural ambience, then you have to also choose the amazing natural Bandung accommodation for trips. There are several resorts and hotels that are available for a place to stay in a few days.

  • Sapulidi Sawah Resort, Cafe and Gallery. Located in among gorgeous lake and lush greenery slopes, Sapulidi is the best place for you to stay in while you are having your vacation. It is such a therapeutic location to recharge your energy and get the peace away from a crowded and busy city. Also, if you like to touch a traditional culture of Sundanesse, then this place gives you some about it since it names the room with unique traditional Sundanesse name such as Congklak, Kembang Desa, Putri No’ong, and many others.
  • Vila Air Natural Resort. This resort is strategically located in between Tangkuban Perahu Mountain and Burangrang Mountain. It means that the resort is a perfect destination to stay in after having fun in busy and heat trip places. From your room, you can overlook the beautiful views from Mt. Tangkuban Perahu.

How about Bandung accommodation for family? Bandung offers a lot of resorts and hotels that you can choose to stay in. Beside the comfortable places, the resorts also provide nice panoramic view and many facilities for you and your family enjoy. If you have kids with you, then it is better for you to choose the destination that offers some activities for your kids. There are several resorts which provide facilities for family holidays to ensure you have fun with full of energy!

  • Sari Ater Hotel and Resort. This is an incredible place for family recreation area with horse riding, flying fox, playground, and kid’s pool. You will feel the amazing vacation when coming there and have great quality time with your family.
  • Kastuba Resort. It is a great solution for you when you want to escape from crowded and noisy city. It offers nice views of nature that you can enjoy it with your family. The scenery can be seen perfectly around your rooms and it is like an exquisite vacation to stay in there. Also, there are some facilities like outbound that your kids can enjoy it while having their holidays.

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