Transporting a fleet of vehicles is not an easy task, and it usually leaves the manager in a dilemma between the two given services.  However, with a company that offers not just car and boat storage but car transport as well, you can rest assured that your car is in great hands, as it will surely arrive without a scratch, no matter the service that was chosen.

What is the right choice?

This all depends on you, as a customer, since the two services are similar but yet different. In addition, these two (written below) are known as the two options that you have available for fleet vehicle transportation:

Both of these services will make sure your vehicle arrives safely

–    The driveaway service that will provide you with a professional driver who will be in charge of taking your vehicle to its desired destination.

–    The carrier service, which involves the transportation of your vehicle with several others. This means that there will be from 3-5 different vehicles transported t the same time with a specialized trailer.

One of the biggest differences that the two services have is the state in which you will get your vehicle. For example, the carrier service is here to transport your car to a certain location in the state that it was originally, which means that if you had any damage on your car, you will receive it as it was.

On the other hand, the driveaway option is here to inform you of the errors your car has. This option will also fix all of the problems you have before the vehicle arrives where it was supposed to; however, this is also the more expensive option.

Time to spare?

The carrier services are a good option especially if you intend to transport several vehicles to the same location, while the driveaway option is more immediate and also more expensive. However, the driveaway option does offer a number of different advantages over the carrier service.

Simply put, those who have the money but do not have the time, should pick the driveaway option, while those who are short on cash, but have time to spare should surely pick the carrier service instead. Both of these services will deliver the car in a great state.

Make sure that the agency that handles your vehicle has a good reputation


To some, the above-mentioned facts are not even an issue, as they are simply trying to transport their car to their new buyer, or to a different country after they drove it and are returning with a plane. This is why, you should keep an open mind to both of these services.

In addition, one of the things that makes the carrier service more attractive than the driveaway one is that unlike that one, the carrier does not accumulate the miles on an odometer. However, many customers have said that the mileage is not that big of an issue.

If you have a bigger picture in mind, then you should not be worried about the mileage. The chances are that in the fleet management the extra mileage that you will have, will not even make such a big difference in the resale value.

Final word

If you still have not found the best agency for yourself, you should check out a company that offers auto transportation and car packing services like Marine and Auto Depot. Other than that, it is important that you do your research about everything concerning the transportation of your vehicle if you do not want to encounter random problems.

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