There is no denying that the world of golf has hit a rough patch. The number of matches played has steadily decreased over the past decade, causing golf clubs to close. There are differing opinions on how to turn the decline of golf around and get it to compete with other entertainment and sport options, such as video games and team sports. However, go to any golf club and you’ll find the reason that many people are not entering the course anymore: the price. The affordability of golf has decreased with time due to an oversaturation of golf clubs throughout the world. While it may not work for all club owners, a common solution for the problem of low attendance has been to turn to golf course management companies for help.

 What Is a Golf Course Management Company?

Like other management or consulting services, a golf course management company’s main goal is to increase the bottom line of the golf course. With expertise in golf, these companies do the following to ensure revenue is increased:

  • Provide discounts on supplies due to economies of scale
  • Support the on-site management in overcoming challenges
  • Meet with the owners of the course to review financial statements and plan strategies
  • Provide PGA golf professionals that are familiar with golf business practices

These services can breathe new life into existing golf clubs. Oftentimes, a fresh set of ideas and new collaborative brainstorming sessions can result in a to-do list that revitalizes the course. Existing course patrons and community members alike can be drawn to the positive and exciting changes.

 Keep These Things in Mind

While many golf courses and resorts have experienced success by hiring a management company, your bottom line will likely be the key factor in your decision. Hiring management for your golf course can be incredibly lucrative, but as with any kind of business, an initial investment is required and there will be fees. As the old saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money.” Hopefully, the golf course reaches out to a management company before their resources have gone dry.

With the way that the popularity of golf is going, golf course ownership is poised to be a bumpy road in the future, but it is not hopeless. There is still a future for golf in the U.S. and plenty of young golfers on the horizon. For many resorts and clubs, hiring a management company has been the key to staying afloat in a world where increased competition is inevitable. It is a choice that can bring a struggling golf club back to life.


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