For most people, the quintessential image of a private investigator is the archetype of Dick Tracy—a tall, dark, mysterious man cloaked under a trench coat and a fedora. That is truly the stuff of fiction, as today, you wouldn’t recognize a private investigator if you had crossed paths with one along the street.

This is becoming especially true because more and more women are becoming the private investigator of choice among fellow female clients who wish to spy on their significant others. Gone are the days when the business of surveillance and investigation was the domain of tough but sly men—women are the ones now running a lot of these kinds of businesses.

Chasing after cheaters

If you are a woman who suspects that your husband is cheating on you, investigating your spouse is a tough but delicate matter. Just as you would instinctively approach your close female friend to let off steam or to ask for advice, talking to a female private investigator may be more comfortable.

Culturally, women are better communicators than men, and they are able to express their feelings and emotions more openly. That is why increasingly more female clients are seeking female investigators because they are able to empathize with each other and plan their course of action more intuitively.

Attention to details

Females by nature are also more observant and detail-oriented. Thus, they are suited to sleuthing more easily. They are able to study and pick up on nonverbal clues such as body language or even the way that people dress. The job of a private investigator requires patience and diligence, and the female persona is more adaptive to such demands.

Notice that, in a crowd, females are also able to blend in better. According to studies in psychology and sociology, people tend to be more alarmed and threatened if a male stranger approached them in public compared to a female stranger. These make all the difference for private investigators, and, as such, the number of female professionals is on the rise.

Double agent

Contrary to common belief, private investigators don’t always lurk in the shadows and keep away from people. There are instances that require them to actually present themselves in public, as well as approach or interact with their target subjects. They can strike a conversation and ask leading questions under the pretext of getting to know a stranger.

In cases of investigating male infidelity, this approach is handy for female investigators, as they can pose as the source of temptation themselves. On the other hand, for male clients wanting to check on their wives or girlfriends, female investigators can play the role of a chatty stranger more easily.

Investigative agencies

If you wish to employ the services of a female private detective, or any kind of surveillance or investigation service for that matter, it is important to choose the right firm given the confidential nature of information that is being handled. An investigative agency with a good track record and high success rate of securing the required information would be ideal to work with.

There are also freelance private investigators who may fit your requirements, but a full-line agency is the best option if you need related services such as locating a lost loved one, establishing a case for child custody, or other domestic issues. Established and reputable investigation agencies would also have liability insurance and proof of bonding, so that untoward incidents would not be your burden.

Ultimately, with the wide number of investigative agencies on the market these days, it is important to do your research and choose one that you feel comfortable partnering with.  

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