It is a highly competitive world – brands need to stay ahead of each other. In a bid to stay ahead and win the attention of the customers, companies keep changing their packages. They need to be innovative and creative, especially with designing the products, especially with their selection of glass bottles, jars and tubes. Silk screening is an endeavor to ensure that packages are well decorated; they look different and are attractive for the buyers.

 Understanding Silk Screening:

Silk screening has become quite popular in the recent years and is said to be the preferred technique of decorating different bottles, containers and jars. The screen printing is an integral process, in which ink is forced through the silk screen which is already treated photographically. This process is suitable for using in single as well as multi-colored printing.

Benefits of Silk Screening:

Highly Durable:

Screen printing if done on bottles and jars, helps in achieving great durability. In case of paper labels, moisture, scuffing or shelf wear is known to reduce the life of products. To address this problem, people can use waterproof measures which helps in improving the durability of the labels. Silk screen is a process which utilizes ink which is scratch resistant. Thus, if silk screening is used the decorations shall last for a really long time.

Great Branding:

Bottles or containers which are well screened help the products in standing out. Thus, such products which are available with screening usually stand out from all the competing products. The labeling is quite unique when designing creativity is considered. Thus, with a good screening, there is a great possibility to have a compelling design, utilize wonderful color effects and ensure that the beauty of glass bottles are well retained. Thus, there is great possibility of ensuring that a memorable impression is created in the mind of the buyers. Silk screening is also a preferred method of decorated containers which have a closure or a lid. Such containers usually face difficulty when they use paper labels.


This is one of the main reasons why screen printing is considered and preferred packaging technique. Since there is an increase in durability, one gets complete value for money. Also, small businesses which are on a tight budget and cannot spend much can utilize silk screening, so that they are able to enjoy the benefits of screening, without having to worry much.

Print Area Quite Wide:

In case of silk screening process, the surface area of the bottle is quite wide. The whole bottle can actually be used as a good canvas. Paper labels are inconvenient and quite different. The shape of the bottle actually determines the size and the design of label. When silk screening process is used, buyers are able to have creative designs which are actually not confined to the size and shape of bottles. One can use different silk-screened inks, which helps in bringing out the textural qualities and saturated colors of the designs.

Packaging plays an important role in determining whether a customer is going to like your product and check it out again. Thus, as a seller, you need to ensure that your package is quite effective and helps in increasing the sales of your product. Your main aim is always to attract the customer’s interest.

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