When someone struggles with addiction, it can be a frustrating and insurmountable experience in trying to recovery on their own. With our addiction treatment center Lancaster County, residents and visitors are able to receive the assistance they need to get them on track to a more fulfilling life.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all program for those who are suffering from dependency, so we offer personalized programs that are appropriate to the individual’s background, medical history, as well as their lifestyle. Our programs include the following:

*Impatient Programs – This might consist of medically supervised detoxing to eliminate the toxic substances from the body. Our doctors and nurses are licensed and qualified to handle any situation that might arise.       

* Mental Evaluations – The professional staff is readily available in the facility, just in case a person becomes depressed, discomforted or has panic attacks.

*Counseling – Behavioral therapy is mandatory in discovering the root cause of the problems that attracts people to use harmful substances in excess.

*Group Therapy – Many times having others, especially family members, for a support system can increase the addict’s motivation to reach their goal of getting clean.

*Medication Therapy – The proper administration of medicine, such as Methadone and Naltrexone, to drug and alcohol victims, can ease withdrawal symptoms and relieve cravings associated with these diseases.

*Holistic Advice – Sometimes natural remedies and activities including herbs, vitamins, minerals, aromatherapy, massages, yoga exercises, meditation, acupuncture, tai chi, music therapy, as well as suggestions for healthy food choices, can produce a calming effect on the body.

*Outpatient Treatments – After a person leaves the rehab facility, the real work has just begun. It is crucial for them to continue counseling, individually or with a group, including relations. Regularly scheduled appointments will be a catalyst in increase their chances in maintaining what they have learned.

This is just a few of the various programs that are available at most rehab centers to help people combat substance abuse.     

If you or any of your loved ones need specialized attention for drug or alcohol abuse, it would be wise to seek help as soon as possible. There is no reason for anyone to have to fight addiction alone, when there are people willing to stand by your side.    

 As you can see, our addiction treatment centers Lancaster County residents and visitors receive compassionate care from professionals who are committed to helping them have hope for their future.

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