Spooked by the recent major active shooter rampages in schools, cinemas, offices and other public places; hundreds, if not thousands of schools and organizations are racing to enroll their staff members for active shooter training.

This comes after many years of telling employees to lock everything lockable and shelter as they wait for the perpetrator to get caught or to stop; they are being taught to fight back if there is no chance of evacuation. The narrative in active shooter training is; work together as colleagues to confuse and disrupt the active shooter(s) and jump on the slightest chance to take them down.

No longer are employees advised to cower down in fear as they wait to see what’s going to happen next. Even after placing an emergency call to the local law enforcement, employees need to work together for them to have a greater chance of survival as they wait for professional help.Image result for Active Shooter Training

Our active shooter training be it for schools or companies has taken a great paradigm shift from impassive and ‘let’s wait for help’ to active and ‘let’s work together as a team so we can take the perpetrators down’ which is in essence, the response that is advocated for by the Department of Homeland Security that takes three primary forms – run, hide, fight.

We cannot emphasize more on the issue that, if you have an opportunity of getting out, then really, it is your first and most reliable option. In the same light, if you have a clear position of taking the active shooter down, then it is the best option for saving not just your life but of everyone else around. However, you need to have a clear opportunity. The last thing you want is to aggravate an active shooter. Lastly, if you don’t have a high chance of either running or fighting, then your best option is to seek refuge somewhere safe where the shooter can’t find you as you wait for outside help.

Some homeland officers even advice workers to throw anything they can grab at an active shooter from books, chairs, cups, phones, basically anything one can get a hold of and throw quickly. While these items don’t even, match the power of a machine gun, but this is beside the point. The aim of such a reaction is to move him from being an offender to being a defender, and this can change the entire ballgame. This throws off the perpetrator’s mind game, and he or she starts thinking of what you are doing to him or her and how the power play has shifted as opposed to what he or she is doing to you. At such a point, it becomes very easy to take down the gunman.

We offer customized active shooter training to ensure you and your workers have the best active shooter response based on your work setting and number as well.

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