A girl’s first ever luxury watch is special to her in more ways than one. It is a sign of newly acquired maturity, a companion through the tumultuous twentiesand a memoryto cherish forever. With its classic design emanating subtle hints of modernity, it is an ode to the rich heritage of timekeeping, a beauty that effortlessly stands the test of time. In fact, choosing your very first luxury timepiece is akin to choosing your first love. Who knows how long the infatuation will last, but if there’s one thing you know for sure- it’s that it will always be an affair to remember. And maybe if it’s written in the stars, your first could very well turn out to be the one. Or at least, that’s what the romantic in us would hope.

Longines is a Swiss watch-making company whose origincan be traced all the way back to 1832. With an experience in haute horlogerie that spans over 185 years, one can only imagine the amount of precision and excellencethat the watchmakers bring to the table. Longines watches at Ethos Watch Boutique offer an extensive range of timepieces to choose from. But since we’re focused on helping you find your first luxury watch, we have narrowed it down to these 5 exclusive pieces.

Well, time doesn’t wait for anyone, and so shouldn’t your love for luxury timepieces!

1. Longines Elegance La Grande Classique

The first one on this list is this rose gold beauty that is every watch enthusiast’s dream come true. From the diamond-encrusted dial and the dainty hands to the lustrous dual-toned bracelet, this timepiece is elegance incarnate. Thanks to its timeless appeal, it doesn’t run the risk of looking old-fashioned on a young girl’s wrist and also makes for the perfect hand-me-down. It’s definitely one of those designs that never ages, keeps good time and makes a fashion statement all at the same time.

2. Longines Elegance LonginesSymphonette

This sleek timepiece with an oval watch face is just the accessory your arm needs at all times. If your personality is not so out there, then this piece is sure to sit well with your personal style and find its cozy spot in your budding collection. The contemporary design and stainless steel finish make it the perfect choicefor both formal and casual outings, which is an important factor considering you’re just starting to build your collection.

3. Longines Elegance Dolcevita

Channel your inner Barbie in this unapologetically feminine watch. Symbolic of the innocence and beauty of young love, this timepiece will never fail to bring a smile to your face. The ultra-feminine colour and intricate heart-shaped detailing evoke that warm and fuzzy feeling that we all love! This one definitely has a special story to tell.

4. Longines Elegance La Grande Classique De Presence

If this is the watch you’re feeling drawn to, then we are sure your personality is as alluring as this timepiece. Black and silver make for a very striking combination and the diamond detailing only makes it that much more appealing. If you like your accessories with that extra dash of edge, then this one’s right down your alley! Itmakes a bold statement on its own, and we are pretty sure it can single-handedly make your wrist steal the show!

5. Longines La Grande Classique De Longines

This all-silver watch is probably the subtlest watch on this list. With its minimalist and geometric design, it is aesthetically similar to a masculine watch, yet sleek enough to be ladylike. This gender-bending timepiece will sit quietly on your wrist without stealing your spotlight or attracting eyeballs. However, a true horophile will not be immune to its furtive charm and will definitely shower you with compliments when you’re least expecting them!

We hope this list helps you find the timepiece that embodies your essence and makes your first buy truly memorable!

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