Many people are considering using solar system to power their homes. This is indeed a smart move for the millions of businesses and homeowners that want to save money on energy bills and live green. It is one of the important decisions business and homeowners can make. As you explore different solar systems to install on your roof, you may find it overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the right information. There are technical things that have to be analyzed including the load requirement, maximum size of the solar system that needs to be put on your roof depending on the amount of shadow-free area and the efficiency of the panels. This checklist provides you with information that you can use to enter into contract with Orange County solar installers:Image result for A Checklist to Use before Entering Into Contract with Orange County Solar Installers

Questions to ask yourself

Don’t install a solar system blindly before you make key considerations. There are things that you have to examine to determine if you are making the right move. You need to ask yourself a number of questions; is your roof covered by shade or have you planted trees that may grow to shade the roof? How is the orientation of the roof to offer optimal solar output? Is your roof aging and needs renovation soon? Should you buy or lease your solar power? These are some of the questions that can help you make a concise decision.

If you will need a roof replacement soon, it could mean removing and re-installing the panels, which is an added expense. If the roof is shaded, you may want to clear or prune the trees. In case, you don’t find that buying the solar system would save you much, you may consider leasing.

Accessibility to electric grid

You may want to sell the surplus solar energy produced by your panels, but how easy it is to do that? If it is going to take too long to get approval to hook up to the grid, it may not be easy for you. You also need to determine the amount and the frequency of receiving your credit or pay for the excess power you are feeding to the grid. In the event that you want to opt out of feeding the grid, how easy is the process and are there penalties? These are some of the things that you want to consider before entering into contract with a utility company.

Safety in installation

The solar installation company you engage with should be able to ensure safety in installation. Ensure that you check their safety practices and how they implement them during installation. Look to see that they have licensure, permits, bond, and insurance to do the installation. You should also look at the level of training and whether it adheres to industry standards.

When signing the contract, ensure you understand every clause or statement in the blueprint. If there is any part of the contract you don’t understand or makes no sense, you may want to ask for explanation or even changes. If need be, you may want to seek legal advice. Ensure you look at the cost and financing agreement of the various Orange County solar installers before you settle on the right one to handle your solar installation project.  


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