In the world of herb grinder today, from simple grinder, the manufacturers have made way to make use of technology with their product. A lot of innovation has been done to meet the needs of the herb grinder users nowadays. Though variety of grinders have popped out elsewhere in the market, there are only a few grinders that has a class, like the Black Tie Grinder. Why do we say so? Do read further down into this Black Tie Grinder Review for further knowledge.



If you buy a product, what things do you consider before choosing the right one? Its features are surely on your priority list, right? With Black Tie Grinder, we will talk about the four main features that this certain grinder have. We will know if it has more positive features or not.


Just like the general idea when you buy a product, material is one feature that you should not neglect when buying an herb grinder. The good thing about the Black Tie Grinder is it is made from an anodized aluminum. It may not be the material as good as the Space Case Grinder, but it has more durable one than other common grinders. The same material is used for its teeth which makes cutting down the herb easily and faster. Just like the Platinum grinders, it has a micron mesh-made sifter or kief catcher. This particular tool will help catch the finest kief that the grinder will product after grinding the buds of herb thrown into the grinder. This particular grinder is actually not just exclusively for grinding weed, you may also grind those for herbal teas.


Just like the other weed grinders, it has neodymium magnets that are in the top chamber of the grinder that ensures the pieces will stay intact. The magnets also has strong force that will not let the other piece of the grinder fall off when you flip the grinder.


Just like most of the grinders today, be it common or high end, the Black Tie Grinder is composed of 4-piece compartment. Grinders which is made-up of 4 pieces will actually give you a great herb grinding experience. This certain grinder have surely taken herb grinding into another level. Unlike those other grinder that has already been reviewed, the Black Tie Grinder has 50 diamond-shaped grinding teeth. Most of those grinder that belongs to the top list have only 45 teeth which makes the feature grinder a step higher amongst its other grinding competitors.

The good thing about this grinder is it comes with a pick. It is used to pick out the pollen out from the kief catcher. With this, cleaning the grinder is a whole lot easier than having none.


It has been mentioned that the Black Tie Grinder has more teeth than the common grinders, this makes it a step higher than theother grinders. Its performance is better than any other grinder. The sharp, diamond-shaped teeth will surely turn the herb in a very fine residue. Normal grinders only have teeth that are half the size of the common grinders which is its advantage as well. Of course, this grinder is not just about the vast number of teeth but with having kief catcher as well, it sure is an upgrade with we talk about the performance.



The manufacturer of Black Tie Grinder had made sure to produce a high quality product without putting an expensive price on it. Though this particular grinder has great features, it does not belong the high price category. With its classy style, great performance, and good material, you will get it for a good price.


What makes the Black Tie Grinder great is with its great combination of materials and design. It also comes with a pollen catcher with a pick to easily clean the screen. Aside from that, the performance that it promises is really complied as it gives concise outcome. The lifetime warranty makes the product reliable because of how the company is confident enough to offer full-money back guarantee.


The only drawback that one could point out with the Black Tie Grinder is the size. It only comes with one size which is 2.5”. For others it is small that only an ample amount of herb can be put in the grinder per load. However, it is only a minor issue as other people with hand problems may still be able to use this grinder without any problem.


Materials:            4/ 5

Design:                                 4 / 5

Performance:    4/5

Price:                     4 / 5

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