Education is pivotal! Students are like learning sponges. Everything taught – be it words, experience or information on any subject, they soak it all in paving way for a brighter and successful future. However, distraction comes unwelcomed. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to keep tabs on their child’s progress in terms of education. Saps Ibu Bapa is an initiative brought on boards by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Calling it a brand-new reformation helping parents to keep an eye on their children’s academics without any hurdle. Saps has undoubtedly turned into a big hit for all parents in the country.

Remember those days when report cards with poor grades sounded like the scariest thing ever? Well, learners in Malaysia are no different. Infact, stats prove that young scholars in the country prefer keeping their evaluation results under wraps to kiss goodbye to the embarrassments and questions encountered at home. Introduction of Semakan Ibu Bapa closes the freeway once and for all. Wondering how does it help? Well, everything from grades and results are posted on the web. As mothers and fathers, you can now simply be vigilant about your child’s education without dropping anchors anywhere else. Just a couple of clicks is good enough to keep you updated.

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Exams are held in schools every now and then. Ofcourse these tests play a big-league role in preparing and shaping the learner to get ahead in the race with good grades. Many a times, parents are blind and clueless about such exams. All kudos to those brilliant little thinkers who feel that the spilling the beans about poor grades to their parents will only open a box of worms. The ministry hands-out the best facility available to all parents – Semakan Saps is the much picked up buzz.

Getting schooled about your children’s academic score is now a piece of pie with Saps Ibu Bapa. Get online, log in and kick-start reviewing evaluation results. Before letting out information on how to truck on with the process, let’s acknowledge you on the types of results that can be reviewed in here.

  1. Reports of primary school, ranging from grade 1 to grade 6.
  2. Evaluation reports of secondary school examination. Every result from Form 1 to Form 5 can be reviewed by parents.

Trucking on with the application process for the revision of results. Bear in mind, it is a parent’s portal. To proceed without any hurdle, keep a few credentials handy. For example, you must be sure about your child’s recorded date of birth and identity card number. As per the rules of Semakan Ibu Bapa, the first step is to learn about the only authentic link preached and hosted by the Ministry. Once you drop in to the required site, just fill in your child’s credentials as mentioned earlier. Also, check boxes as to which sort of results you would like to review – primary or secondary. Make selection of the exam you are eager to grab an eye on and click ‘Check’. In just a couple of seconds, every detail of the learner’s performance throughout the tests will be spilled. Act accordingly and plan a fruitful future for your child!

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