Travel, lack of time, reconciliation of work and personal life … Problems of the new entrepreneurs and any manager with responsibility within the new business world. How to seize the time? Videoconferencing is a great solution to maximize your work time, so we present eight applications to be able to perform them from computers and mobile devices.

Small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs today do not meet physically because of lack of time and to save costs. Thanks to the new technologies there are several applications and programs that help these meetings can be held over the Internet.

ezTalks Video Conferencing

ezTalks the best free video conferencing software currently. This amazing software is highly confidential and perfectly designed for both either professional or social usage. Its free plan is unmatched. It allows you to enjoy HD sound and video with a meeting of 100 people for 40 minutes. If you feel like it is not enough, then you can upgrade to their affordable premium services that support 500 participants. Its inbuilt whiteboard tool makes it easy to express your ideas and plans in the form of paint or a drawing. As the meeting goes on, the software also lets you hold private or group chats that you can also save. To ensure that there is proper keeping of records and to facilitate future references is a saving option that backs up an entire meeting. ezTalks cloud conference is very interactive video conferencing software that motivates every member to take part through listening and contributing actively.

Skype: is the program par excellence to talk free from the computer. However, over the years it has increased its presence and is available for mobile devices, tablets, etc. Also allows group calls and chat. Download is free from any device.

Hangouts: is an application created by Google that consists of interactive individual or group conversations of up to 10 people. Share files with emoticons allow you to resume conversations whenever you like and jump alerts when someone has started a conversation. It also allows you to switch from a written conversation to a video call for free. It is already available in Google Play, iTunes App store and the Gmail account on the PC.

Rounds video: this is a free video chat to share everything type of information with the caller. You can play, take photos, send them, watch videos, etc. While the video call is being made. You need an iOS 7.0 or later system. And it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

FaceTime is a function that comes predetermined in the iPhone, without having to configure a special account. Its operation is simple, simply by inviting the contact, it will receive the call as a normal and as soon as it accepts, the video call will begin. It’s free and only available on iPhone.

Line: is one of the applications star in downloads. It allows the exchange of messages with instant emoticons, voice calls now also free video calls. It is available for iPhone and android.

Webex meeting: it is a program with a much focused use to the companies. You can organize meetings and even control remote computers. It offers different solutions for companies, such as training courses, technical problems, events, etc. The basic service is free, and the rest varies according to the benefits between 19 euros and 69 euros. Valid for computer, smartphone or tablet, and you only need internet connection.

Toomeeting: is a computer program focused on company meetings. It allows the realization of professional videoconferences to have business meetings, commercials, and online events, distance training, etc. It offers the possibility of renting the service, buying it, or acquiring bonuses for specific moments.

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