It’s been over a decade since SEO entered in the competitive market as an exceptionally useful tool for online marketing. Although, it came into existence in the decade of 1990s,  it widely gained popularity at the turn of the century. At present, almost everyone is familiar with what SEO is but only few people know how it works.

Even though SEO is a complete industry in itselfit is not that hard to understand the fundamentals.From on-page optimization to off-page activities, SEO is entirely comprehensible. There are some SEO techniques that even a newbie can learn with significant practice and evaluation. If you are new to search engine optimization and willing to give it a shot, then you can begin with the techniques that are mentioned here.


Keyword Research

This is like the easiest research in the world but only if you can think from the perspective of a customer. You need to understand the types of phrases that people use while searching anything on internet. For that, you also need to have a basic idea of search engine algorithm. Once you come up with a general understanding of how people search stuff in search engines, you will be able to fetch the right keywords for any business.

Link Building


Link building is an off-page activity in which external pages are linked to one of the major pages of a website. It is considered as a crucial SEO technique as it helps websites receive a noteworthy amount of organic traffic. You just have to find quality resources where you can publish relevant description about your business. This way, you will get a backlink redirecting to your website.

Competition Analysis

When you are in a race, you can’t win unless you  notice the competitors running before you. This fact completely justifies the importance of competition analysis in SEO. In general, some SEO experts manually assess the market competition, but if you are new to SEO, you can go with free tools for competition analysis that are available online.


Many industry professionals denote quality content as the soul of digital marketing. In terms of SEO, it can be defined as a well-written content that contains significant number of applicable keywords. Also, you need to make sure that you don’t stuff random keywords and the implementation of keywords in the content look natural. This is because the reckless use of keywords in content can lead to spam.

Social Media Management

I don’t need to elaborate the importance of social media management in SEO as both are proportionate to each other. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that social media platforms complement search engine marketing. Plus, social media sites are quite convenient to use.

All you need is to create a profile and update the information you wish to share with your followers. There is one thing that a beginner should always keep in mind – Never try to manipulate your consumers through fake comments or reviews. This is because shortcuts don’t work for a long run in social media management.

Image Optimization

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of search engine optimization. An image is of no use on internet unless and until it is not optimized. You are required to ensure that your images have great quality and can convey the message properly. For that, you can also use alt tags and title tags to help users understand the implication of an image.

Learning SEO doesn’t require any degree or qualification. You can commence with basic know-hows and reach a level where you are capable of managing your campaign yourself.

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