Perhaps, kids are now hanging cute stocking and are now waiting for Santa to visit during Christmas eve.  If your children are the typical ones that we know, no surprised that they have a very, very long list of wishes (mostly are toys).3

Hey! Before allowing them to tear those wonderful presents, you should know the right gift you have to give them. Capture a smile from your little ones through these stuffs:

Age Appropriate Toys

Oftentimes, affordable kids outdoor play equipment from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop come along with helpful disclaimer which greatly helps you prevent getting an item which is not appropriate or hazardous for your kids. Make sure you will read the age recommendation within the toy packaging. As much as possible, avoid toys intended for older kids since they include most of the time smaller parts, which could be choking hazards. Also, consider the development of your child. Though a toy can be claimed as appropriate, for his/her age but not appropriate for his/her gender.

Non-Magnet Toys

Magnetic toys must0 be prohibited to your young kids since they may swallow it. Make sure you will teach the older ones on not putting these magnets or even those magnetized toys out there near their mouth.

Authority-approved Toys

When you are purchasing an electric toy, prevent anything which doesn’t have the approval from the authority.   But take note being approved by the authority doesn’t necessarily means that it already passes particular safety standards. You should be cautious of not buying electrical toys which are meant for older children.

DIY toys

Definitely, your toddlers will enjoy making and building their own set of toys while learning. Choose something, which catches their interest and you’ll surely love their reactions as they figure it out.3

Arts and crafts for kids

If you know you have a crafty child, then Christmas time is the best time to give them something, which will nurture with his/her creative spirit. Aside from jumpstarting your kid’s creativity through simple crafts out of different papers and crafts materials, you’ll also giving them the freedom to discover their own strength.

Personalized gifts

Let them feel how you love them through giving them personalized gifts such as club kids playhouse. Cue their smiles and their giggle while allowing them to have fun with their new stuffs. Turn those plain and boring gift items into a creative, unique and heartfelt presents. Ask your local toy store how this can be possible and they surely won’t hesitate to help you.

As Santa of their life, we as parent must be mindful on what we give to our children especially during holiday season. Don’t try to compromise the quality over price. If it’s possible, conduct first an evaluation on the gifts you are eyeing with so you can be rest assured that they are really safe. Take time in finding the right gift for them so you can leave them something worth remembering moments.

Find a good toy supplier.

Don’t allow those unreliable stores to fool you with their too-good-to-be-true products and services. Always choose to buy from well-known and credible toy wholesalers in Australia who already proved a good reputation.  By doing so, you can be confident that your child’s health and safety is in good hands.



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