The use of online customer forms is becoming more common in business as technology increases and customers are moving away from paper forms.  Whether it is an effort to go green, or a way to provide more convenience for your customers, online forms can help your business in a multitude of ways.  While there are many forms that companies offer electronically for their customers, some of the most common uses include,

  • Online Contact Forms
  • Online Quotes
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Applications
  • Order Forms
  • Event Registrations
  • Surveys

Using electronic forms will not only be an added convenience for your customer but will also give your company many added benefits.  6 ways using electronic forms can benefit your company include,

Improving the Quality and Legibility of Submitted Forms

Information entered into online forms is easy to read and easier to fill out.  You can also set up the form so that you require the user to enter all information in order for the form to submit.

Allowing Data From the Form Be Imported Into Other Software

By using an electronic form, you will be able to import the data into a variety of spreadsheets for company use, such as customer management and marketing.

Allowing the User to Save Information and Come Back Later

Online forms offer the user the added convenience of being able to save the piece and return later to complete the information.  Your customers will even be able to save a copy of their completed form on their computer so that they can reduce the amount of paper they need to keep for records.

Reducing Administrative Costs

With the ability to import data from forms into spreadsheets as well as making the information easier to read and review, online forms can save your company a great deal of administrative time and cost.

Receiving Information Quicker

Once the electronic form is submitted, you will receive that information immediately.  There is no waiting for mail or faxes to come through.  This will not only help you to address customer concerns and questions more quickly, it will also help you to address information throughout the day, instead of having to sort through it all t once.

Addressing the Needs of the Current Generation of Users

As technology begins to increase more information is exchanged online that in written formats.  Allowing your customers to utilize these forms will not only be an added convenience for your customers but with often be the more selected choice of current and upcoming generations.

Electronic forms will help your business gain data and information from your customers more effectively and more efficiently.  If you want to take advantage of the ways electronic forms can help your business, contact an online form builder who can customize forms for whatever you need.

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