Breaking down as a result of battery problems is one of the most common occurrences according to leading roadside assistance companies, and it is not always due to poor maintenance, but any number of factors, including a sudden cold spell.

Nevertheless, the result is the same, you are stranded on the side of the road with a car that is not going anywhere just yet.  The first thing you need to remember is that there is not much you can do by yourself, and you will need to obtain help from some source. These 5 tips will help you quickly get on the road again.3

  1. Assess your situation

First make sure that it is your complete range of car battery and not a related starting problem, for example, if the engine turns over but does not start then the battery is not at fault.  Have a look around and see if there is not service station or something nearby that could possibly assist.

  1. Visibility

If you are at the side of a road, place your warning triangles several meters from your car to warn other motorists that you have in fact broken down.  It is also a good idea to leave the bonnet open for the same reason and to enable those coming to assist, to spot you easier.  More often than not a passing motorist will see these indications, and stop and offer assistance.

  1. Decide on the best option to take

Usually, there are two options you could choose from:

  • Jump start the car or
  • Replace the battery
  1. Jump starting

This the quickest way to get going especially if someone spots you, and stops to help with their set of jumper cables or yours.  Either way, it is essential that either you or the Good Samaritan are well versed in the proper procedure to jump start a car.

Connecting the jumper cables incorrectly, or shorting them accidently could lead to injury and expensive damage to your car’s electrics.  If at all in doubt, rather not take the risk and phone a professional to come out and do the jump start for you.

  1. Replacing the battery

A jump start does not always succeed though as the battery could be so deeply discharged that it cannot recover enough charge to start an engine.  In this case, you have no option but to get the battery replaced.

Phone a roadside assistance company that offers a battery response service and request assistance.  A response team will then be dispatched to you with the correct replacement battery.  All you then need to do is sit safely in your car and wait for the new arrival of car batteries Adelaide at Roadside Response.

Final Words

Being stranded with a dead battery is no longer as much of a hassle as it used to be, largely thanks to the advent of mobile phones, and the emergence of roadside assistance companies, especially those that offer a battery response service.  It is a good idea to program such a company into your phone as soon as possible.


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