Finding the ideal gift for your boyfriend or husband has got to rank in difficulty with the 12 labors of Hercules. It’s almost tempting to just buy him a gift card and let him figure it out for himself. Still, if it’s a special occasion, then a gift card is an almost flippant way of celebrating his big day or out-of-the-ordinary achievement.

When you think about it, you have a general idea of what he will like, but is it what he needs? And, even if it’s what he likes and needs, is it something that would take him completely by surprise?

Aside from a new truck, what might be on his wish list? Good looking sunglasses? A great watch?

Here are five ideas on more unusual gift ideas to contemplate:

  1. Does he have a touch of Savoir Faire?

Your man is on a successful career track, and he has acquired a certain sense of style. He is an accomplished and refined person, often suave, and unfailingly classy. He knows what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Since he already has a well-developed flair for the sartorial, then he is probably fine on shirts, ties, and jackets. Moreover, you might miss the mark if you presume to add to his handpicked selection of attire. Still, what he might be missing are some accessories. Think about shopping for designer glasses for men or round rhinestone cufflinks or even a navy canvas belt.

  1. Does he travel on business?

If he likes to travel, then you can choose from an assortment of smarter travel solutions. Look for brand name products and decide on luggage that is either small enough to carry on a plane or rolls well and has plenty of compartments. Here are some ideas: a jumper carry-on, a weekender duffle, a sideloader, a rolling laptop, a tote roller, or an underseater. 

  1. Is he something of a gourmet cook?

If he loves to cook, then he will appreciate some good knives. When it comes to gourmet knives, the Wusthof series is superior to other brands because each blade has been precisely honed out of a sheet of steel with laser technology. Not only do these knives cut perfectly, but they retain their edge for a long time. When they do need to re-sharpen, it’s easy to do?

  1. Does he love his smartphone?

When it comes to smartphones, there are lots of accessories to choose from:

  • If he likes to fix things around the house or do his own car maintenance, you can buy a waterproof inspection camera to see in small, dark spaces; for instance if he wants to see why the garbage disposal is blocked or peer into the depths of a car engine. A WiFi handheld endoscope has a a cable with a camera attached to it.
  • If he wears gloves during winter, you can get him warm gloves that allow him to use his smartphone when he is wearing them.
  • If he needs a case, you could get an LED case that will show texts and incoming calls, or a glass screen protector that’s far more durable than a plastic version, or a phone case that’s made out of real wood.
  • If he likes to take pictures, then you could get him a flash drive that plugs directly into the phone so that he can transfer his pictures and videos to his computer quickly and easily.
  1. Does he love to work out?

If he is somebody who likes to run, lift weights. hike, and so on, he would love a piece of technology that helps him keep track of his consistency. Yes, he would love some wearable tech. But chances are that he already has one. You can still wow him with the Activité Steel HR line. First of all, it looks like a regular high-end watch, not a fitness tracker. Secondly, what it can do is amazing. Here’s a description from a Forbes review of wearable tech, fitness gear: “The Activité Steel HR edition is an elegant piece of wrist wear tracks steps, running, swimming, and sleep — automatically. It features an analog activity dial and synchronises with your smartphone, be it iOS or Android, for in-depth metrics that help you stay motivated.”

Since there is no end of good ideas, why not try a unique gift idea? Buy something unusual, but still not completely outlandish. These five ideas offer sophistication and practical value. 

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