Accidents can happen at any time at the blink of an eye whether you are operating a cargo vessel or a fishing boat. Sorting issues, while you are still injured, can be overwhelming. The complicated federal and state maritime laws do not make the process any easier. During that difficult time, it helps to have a maritime lawyer to help you with the processes.

Maritime lawyer New York has specialized knowledge and expertise in the law dealing with maritime. Maritime law can be complicated, having an experienced lawyer by your side can make the process easier.

Below are some questions to ask your maritime lawyer to get a better insight of the person representing you.

  1. Have you handled a similar case before?

This should be the first question to ask because you do not want a person without experience. You have a lot to lose, and you do not need a novice on your case. If they have handled similar cases, they know the law and the process, it is not a trial and error. They are better equipped to represent you. If their answer is yes, ask some follow up questions such as if the cases went to trial and what were the results.

  1. Have you practiced in the courthouse where my case will be?

Having a lawyer with relevant experience is essential but having one who has prior experience with the judges handling your case can be an added advantage. Your lawyer’s familiarity with the judge and local prosecutor enhances their ability to evaluate the likely outcome of your case.

  1. How will I pay for representation?

After your boating accident, you probably spent a lot on your bills and loss and your finances might have suffered. It helps to know how much you have to pay so you can evaluate whether you can afford their services or not. Some attorneys prefer a contingent fee arrangement where you only pay when you win while others will ask you to pay retainer fees and consultation fee. Knowing their fees will help you plan.

  1. Can you handle my case if I live in another state?

Maritime laws differ from state to state. Therefore, getting an attorney who is conversant with the laws in your state can be beneficial.

  1. How will we communicate?

Communication between an attorney and their client is crucial. You should be in a position to reach your attorney if you have an issue. They should also send you documents concerning your case to make sure you are always informed.

The above questions are just basic questions; there are many other questions you can ask depending on the facts of your case. Do not be afraid to ask the maritime lawyer New York before you can hire them.

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