Over the years, patio decking can take quite a beating from foot traffic and the elements—especially those around pools and spas. If decking boards are coming loose, looking tired and weathered or are beginning to loose their stability, it’s time to consider deck resurfacing in Maryland. If the framing and foundation of an existing deck is structurally sound, resurfacing can eliminate troublesome spots while restoring its appearance and integrity. Here are four additional benefits of having a decking professional restore your outdoor haven.

1. Restoration Restores Deck Safety

Unstable boards, nails that are jutting up and splintering wood are common features of decks in need of some TLC. These safety hazards can cause injuries ranging from falling through a rotting plank or tripping to painful punctures in the feet. The diligent steps taken during decking restorations eliminates any such hazards. Special coatings can be added to the finish to help minimize heat absorption, so planks stay cooler on sunny days.

 2. Save the Expense of a New Deck

New deck installations can rack up a hefty bill, but a professional deck resurfacing in Maryland typically costs less than half of what a new one runs. However, this will depend on the deck’s size, condition and the materials utilized for the deck’s surface. If you’re considering upgrading current materials to a harder wood or a composite material, see the next benefit.

3. Restoration is the Perfect Time for a Deck Makeover

If a whole new look is what you’re after, resurfacing options include the ability to choose an entirely new type of wood or to upgrade to a resilient, low-maintenance composite material. Some owners opt to install new safety rails, additional steps or sloped access ramps during their deck makeover. Essentially, you can create a ‘new’ deck without actually buying one.

4. Increase Home Value with Decking Restoration Services

Certainly, a deck restoration in Maryland can provide value to homeowners beyond fiscal aspects, as this is a place to enjoy with friends and family. However, if selling is in the future plans, decking is typically considered an asset that provides a great return on investment. Resurfacing can quickly and affordably boost your deck’s appeal and value.

Reap the Benefits of Deck Restoration Today

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