Most of the accidents in industries and car accidents are caused by alcohol abuse. As it is a legal thing so it is consumed by the most of the population. Its abuse is widespread and some of the organization does their own testing to stay away from the negative effects due to the risk caused by the consumption of alcohol.

Nowadays most of the organization is doing random testing and screening ranging from small town schools to multinational organizations, by doing this they are avoiding problems which may arise due to alcohol abuse. This is the cause because of which the use of new and better testing methods is increasing day by day. The most common ways of testing which are used are breathalyzer and saliva tests and also blood and urine tests can also be performed. There is also hair testing which is fairly a recent method of alcohol testing.Image result for 4 MOST COMMON ALCOHOL DRUG TEST THAT ARE USED TODAY

There are four most common tests for alcohol consumption; Saliva, Breath, Blood and Urine tests. Each has its own significance we will discuss below.

Saliva Test

It is very effective and person can be detected for alcohol consumption till 24 hours. In saliva test with an oral fluid collection device, saliva of the person is tested to know for the consumption of alcohol. The procedure of this test is very easy and also is very lost that is why this test is done by most of the companies to test their workers. You can get result very quickly and usually it is as good as blood alcohol test.

Blood Alcohol Test

This is the most invasive method of testing for alcohol consumption. The content of alcohol in the blood can be tested directly from this test. This test is little bit expensive but it can determine the level of person’s intoxication. From this test it is not possible to determine the time, when the alcohol is being consumed and also how addicted the person is to alcohol consumption.

Breathalyzer Test

This test is used by law enforcement to check drivers for intoxication. Breathalyzer test is done by a portable device which can provide results instantly. It can determine the overall alcohol in the blood and intoxication level. This portable device checks for alcohol on a person’s breath.

Urine Test

It is regarded as one of the most convenient method, this test usually checks for alcohol in the urine. This method is effective for few hours after consumption of alcohol but it also depends upon the amount consumed, this test could detect the alcohol consumption up to 48 hours.

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