According to Drug Rehab Campaign, almost everyone at some point or another has heard alcohol referred to as “liquid courage,” this is because alcohol reduces inhibitions, making the individual less fearful or reserved in their actions.  People use it in this way to help them accomplish tasks they would otherwise feel they cannot do while sober, such as flirt, dance, or even fight.  True courage is not attempting to remove your fears but rather, pushing through and accomplishing something regardless of the fear of it.  Courage and confidence can be found without needing alcohol, this is what addicts in Champaign, Illinois are discovering.  

True courage and confidence lies in how we view and perceive ourselves subjectively.  Someone with the viewpoint that they cannot do something, or are bad at something are many times going to have their performance affected by that.  Having these types of perceptions about yourself deteriorates confidence in that area, and so it may never be tried when sober.  The truth is that all of these things like flirting, dancing, etc. can be done without alcohol; it many times is just never attempted without it.Image result for 3 Ways Champaign Addicts Can Find Confidence without Alcohol

Here are 3 ways for you to find confidence without alcohol:

Create Your Confidence

Improving confidence and courage in your life is up to you, and while this may sound banal, it is the truth.  Practice the things you want to improve at, and doing this in itself will build your confidence for it.  No matter what others think of your ability, you have to believe in your own ability to be confident in it.  

Do Not Worry About What Others May Think

Worrying about the viewpoint and thoughts of others in regard to you can kill confidence faster than you would believe.  Many individuals fixate on what others think of them and end up creating ideas of how they are negatively viewed by others that may not even be true.  Stay out of worrying about the thoughts of others; it is nothing but counterproductive to your confidence.  

Do Not Give in to Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is the confidence killer, and it can do it quickly.  Thinking you cannot do something without alcohol, such as dancing, will ruin developing any confidence in that area.  Instead, change your viewpoint, and begin to believe you can, or at the minimum that doing it more will improve your ability to.  Do not discount yourself; you have great ability within you.  

Struggling with an addiction can be a hellacious experience, and sometimes requires individuals to reach out for help.  Getting the help needed is something that should be done right away before the addiction gets worse.  Finding the right type of treatment or treatment facility can sometimes be difficult, but we can make it a very simple process.  Our advisors are familiar with the rehab facilities all across the country and can help you sort through the best options.  Give us a call today and we will help you find the perfect private inpatient treatment center to help you or your loved one.  

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