It is a dog eat dog world when it comes to e-commerce. We fight for every move up the page on our search terms and struggle to find new ways to make our product sexy. Even if you happen to be offering the very thing that you know millions of people are looking to buy, it can be a huge struggle to find the best way to make your one particular website stand out from all the others.

But believe it or not there are some fairly simple ways to be seen and of course clicked by the very people you know will buy your product. Some of them involve using the smartest tech tools such as Microsoft’s dynamics ax that integrates e-commerce platforms seamlessly. Others are the old tried and true method of marketing but taken to a digital level. If you are looking for the edge that will help you to stand heads above the competition, here are a few ideas that might help.


Yes, they sound old fashion but email and the newsletters we get in them continue to be one of the best marketing tools around. What is even better is how easy they are to do when you utilize a great program such as MailChimp to create them and analyse the results. There is a good reason that all the biggest brands continue to use some kind of email marketing as part of their overall marketing platform.

That is because email marketing, especially in the form of regular newsletters, continues to deliver the best return on investment (ROI) of any kind of marketing. But this particular tool is great because it is so intuitive in its structure, making it easy for even non-tech people to use. That may be why it is so popular with small business and many of the regional non-profits I have seen. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Facebook and Google

These two have lately emerged as the leaders when it comes to placing organic ads that are searched and acted on for businesses of all sizes. Google AdWords is of course that ever-present block of ads you see every time you make a search on Google. The cost is tied to how many clicks you get and because it is targeted by the search terms being used, the thinking is that you get clicks that are actually interested.

Facebook is another great place to market and advertise as more and more users turn to it for more than just the latest news from friends. Many of the non-profits I have worked for over the years have turned to it because it is so effective at targeting geographically and so delivering short term results. Think of all those fund raisers and local community events you see on your own Facebook crawl and use that format to find new customers.

Customer Service

In the end if you don’t have the best customer service to support what you are selling, it will show in your sales numbers. Many e-commerce brands are beginning to realize that customer service is what separates the men from the boys on the web where price comparison shopping is all the rage. If you can’t beat them when it comes to price, getting a good reputation for having the best customer service experience is a great way to scoop the competition. Tools such as ZenDesk have been getting rave reviews and are well worth checking out.

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