Hydration is critical for keeping your body functioning at its highest level. Yet, living in the Texas heat makes it hard to keep yourself from getting dehydrated. While eating juicy foods such as watermelon will help you stay hydrated, the truth is that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water to make a real difference in your health. Fortunately, you can increase your water intake by using these fun ideas to make it more interesting.Image result for 3 Fun Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

 Enhance the Taste

Many people simply do not like the taste of their community’s water supply. Whether your water tastes metallic or has no flavor, you can get easy access to purified water with water deliverys service Fort Worth families use when they hate what comes out of their faucets. You can also dress your glass of water up by adding slices of fruit so that the juices provide a natural flavor that complements your drink.

 Turn It Into a Game

When you’re stuck at work, what else is there to do but find silly ways to pass the time? When your water deliverys service Fort Worth company shows up with the cooler, see if you can be the first one to fill up your cup. Alternatively, have your colleagues see who can drink the most water throughout the day. Have the loser buy the winner a cool new water bottle. There’s nothing like a little incentive to get you guzzling.

 Use An App

Keeping track of how much water you are drinking does get confusing, especially when you are drinking as you go through your busy day. Check out some of the cool new apps that are available for your smartphone. With just a quick tap or two of your fingers, you can log your water consumption. Then, play around with cool graphs and encouraging messages that will keep you interested in getting that water to go down.

 Sip With a Silly Straw

A cool brand new water bottle is a must for your morning commute, but you can also make drinking water fun by getting a silly straw. Remember those twisty straws from when you were a kid? Try one of those, or get some of those fun straw toppers that people use for parties. Make sure to mix it up, and you will be looking forward to seeing your water deliverys service Fort Worth families love show up at your door.

 Squeezing more water into your day just takes a little creativity. When you turn something mundane into something fun, you will quickly establish it as a habit. By making a greater effort to drink more water, you will start to notice the benefits of staying hydrated right away. More energy, clearer skin and an improved memory are all just a few things you can look forward to when you increase your hydration.

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