Running a business these days is more difficult than it’s ever been.  Although we’ve faced harsh economic times in the past, the obstacles businesses contend with today are more numerous and complicated than in the past.

Which Businesses Will Fare Best in the Future?

In general, businesses are always struggling to do two things:  increase profits/ sales and reduce expenses.  One way to accomplish both is by implementing state-of-the-art digital transaction management technology. 

With the use of online business forms software, for example, your business can produce custom-fit documentation as needed, thus reaping the following benefits:

  • Staff is strategically empowered to be more productive
  • Fewer menial tasks bog down productivity
  • Automated work processes replace routine, repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • All processes in the organization are better streamlined

Here are 10 ways online “business-form-builder” technology can help lower expenses and/or increase profits: 

  1. Automated order placement.  Some people prefer to talk to a human being when shopping but more and more people are embracing the convenience and quickness of online shopping.
  2. 24/7 access to useful information by using custom-designed online “Information Request” forms.  Such information can be disseminated through email-attached e-books, PDF files and e-pamphlets, etc., at a very low transaction cost.
  3. Simplified, More Efficient Customer Service.  According to New Voice Media, US companies lose about $41 billion annually because of poor customer service. Digital transaction management technology keeps track of complaints and deficiencies, thus prompting well-coordinated solutions.                                     
  4. Tracking of website traffic data without the use of high-fee-charging experts.  Data analysis, not just collection, is an integral part of digital transaction management technology.
  5. Reduction of postal expenses.  By using e-docs instead of postcards, flyers and newsletters, for example, your business can save money in big ways.
  6. Motivates more customers to use websites.  The operating costs of a physical location are much greater than virtual shops/offices; those savings can help lower prices—which thrills most customers.
  7. Reducing HR workload.  This can improve employee satisfaction & morale—e.g., quicker, more efficient handling of time-off requests, personnel complaints, annual reviews, etc.
  8. Improvement of hiring practices.  Digital transaction management technology helps highlight needs for additional personnel, process applications faster, etc.
  9. Helps capitalize better on sales/marketing leads.  How many potential customers/clients are lost because of poor data management from contact forms and customer surveys? Online business forms technology maximizes the use of feedback/contact info.
  10. Illustrates why your IT department has to lead the way.  Companies today, for example, that don’t take online data security seriously will face many troubles. Customers need to know that their personal information is secure; otherwise, they won’t confidently place orders.  Encryption-using digital transaction management technology can solve many problems.

Your company can lower expenses and increase profits simply by making use of the latest technologies available.  Online business forms software is one such technology tailor-made for your unique business needs.

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