Are you a shutterbug? Do you travel often? If you answer ‘yes’ to both questions, give a thought to how you want to save your travel photos. Yes, you can put those in a voluminous album and/or leave those on a memory card. Though we have got used to scrolling through the Instagram posts or our camera, flipping through the photo albums is an old-fashioned but much-loved idea to relieve our memories.

Here we come with 10 wonderful ideas to help you convert your scroll-worthy snaps into page-swiping pleasures. We are talking about the best photobooks that you can create yourself. Keep reading the blog to know how to turn your favorite shots into memorable treasures with a little help from our end.

Say It Loud

Pay special attention to your travel photobook cover. It should look appealing and reveal where you have been. Mention place and date on the cover page so that the viewers can easily understand the subject matter.

Make It Spine Savvy

To create your Slovakia tour photobook different from your Scandinavia travel book, write some texts on the spine.

Organize Your Photos

It is important to organize your photos properly. Base your photo arrangement on colors. Pristine blue color of the sea will look divine if grouped together. Click on ‘Shuffle’ button easily visible in the project space for automatic rearrangement of photos in varied layouts.

Save Tickets

Have you ever thought about saving travel tickets? Well, it will help in designing your travel photobook. Save flight tickets, attraction passes and theatre bills in an envelope on your return from the trip. Lay those on a table, take a photo and upload the image to your photobook.

Gastronomic Journey

No matter wherever you go, your journey is incomplete without the delicious details. Food is a part and parcel of your travel and it deserves extra attention for your foodie friends. Dedicate some pages to your food adventures on every trip. Remember to create these pages as tempting as possible.

Visual Pleasures

Photos are the main draws of your travel photobook. Do you find an expanding arrow icon housed on the toolbar? Click it to spread any photo over the two pages to make it look more beautiful.


Whatever you choose from selfie, selfie stick or other options, both you as well as your peeps should go to the photobook.

Iconic Scenarios

Some classic shots of shoreline, lifeguard tours, floating mist, blooming flowers, fluttery cascades, wavy greeneries and many more add colours and richness to the details of your visual composition. All these summed up and saved on the travel photobook will weave a fascinating travel story out of your personal experiences.

Memory Pages

You should keep the last page of your photobook blank. It is a way of encouraging your family members and friends to write about their personal travel experience. Penning one’s own journey is a funny idea and they will surely love reading these years later.

Go with Designer Layouts

There are some wonderful software platforms to help you with picture-perfect layouts. Choose photobooks that fit your favourite shots under different categories.

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